Values are behind everything i do.

I deeply value - and fight for - gender and racial equity. I honor voices loud and soft, genders, hues and cultures of all experiences. Long-held opinions, quickly-inspired brainstorms and blind spots are all critical learning opportunities.

I value that we have personal, local, national, global and planetary impact and that human choices are tethered to environmental resiliency. Nested scales of thinking, strategy and action are required to meet the biggest challenges of our day.

I value that design — of processes, plans, cities and infrastructures — has the power to invite or exclude, empower or disadvantage. We can and must design more thoughtfully than we do at all scales.

I value that human connection, listening and empathy are the keystones to addressing our greatest challenges — personal, institutional, political. Leading and learning with kindness, generosity, creativity and joy support learning and change.

At my core, I know deeply that process shapes outcomes and we have a responsibility to shape outcomes of equity for all. People and planet.